I Found a Home

by Chuan Jue Faraon


Greetings of Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness!

This is an experience of one person coming from the more than 6 billion (and multiplying daily) sentient beings on this planet earth that All the Buddhas vow to liberate. From the day we were born to the present time, each of us has a unique and significant story to tell from the lowliest to the kingly – mind boggling indeed. When I started to settle down here in the USA, I forgot my practice of Zen meditation for I was preoccupied in the rat race of the so-called American Dream. I had my fun of ups and downs but as years went by I realized something was missing and so I went back to my meditation again to find for an answer. Then I started to look for a place where I could meditate with a group for within me I knew I hunger for a community. And lo and behold! I found a Home – The Middle Land Chan Monastery. Goodness gracious, the SANGHA is just amazing! The Shifus are all friendly, sincere and accommodating. The Abbess, I perceive, is very compassionate and has a vast knowledge on the tenets and doctrines of the Mahayana Buddhist Teachings.

I am now in the Level III Class. Most, if not all, including myself are still in the earnest search of the true meaning of Life. Strange as it may seem though, in my practice of meditation with our group, I realized that what is happening and what has transpired to me all along were all a blessing that are Guided somehow – “Snowflakes do not fall in the wrong places” (from a Buddhist Master). Nothing happens by chance, so they say, but somehow I still feel that “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul” (from an American poet). Little by little, though insignificant as it may seem, I have begun to grasp and digest the many small, minute even but collateral in nature, revealing reply to my questions and doubts. I even saw to a great extent some parallelism between the teachings of the Venerable Shakyamuni Buddha and that of Jesus the Christ. I sometimes experienced the delusions of Mara and Samsara especially so when I intellectualized and gone extremely abstruse in a meditative state but then I will know I have to go further beyond and transcend to a higher level of consciousness for they only obfuscate the reality – mind at play I guess. I know, though not absolute for I had personally observed, had seen and had read that some personalities have even acquired supernatural powers through meditation and concentration practices but that is not my goal for deeper inside me I know this distraction could only mean retardation of my True nature to mature towards Self-realization.

One thing for sure though I will never cease to be aware in every step of the way, just like what the Sages would always say: be mindful even in walking, working, eating etc., until I get my answer to this riddle of my life. But then again, all appearances are none appearances – Huh? When I have crossed over the gate-less gate and can undoubtedly slay the Buddha and can Listen to the one hand clapping laughingly and see eye to eye and rub elbows with all of the Buddhas I meet then and only then can I truly say I have arrived with Finality fervently!

One day soon hopefully, I would be in the company of Monks – a long shot maybe but a thousand miles begin with a single step… I could go on and on but I am limited to 500 words and thoughts – “Thought is a Language that has no sound while Words are the symbols of Language and when Language and Thinking are excessive they become a Hindrance to Wisdom” (fr a buddhist Master). Further, where there is no thought, there is no good or evil, gain or loss, ignorance or wisdom, enlightenment or sorrow… again from a Dharma Master.

In ending, be that as it may I know I am becoming a better person each day from the day one I joined the Sangha!

To the Sangha members and the Shiffus – I bow to all of you with deep respect!