Dharma Talk & Transmission of Three Refuges and Five Precepts Ceremony

Chung Tai Chan Monastery upholds Buddha’s compassion, and because of the Venerable Master Wei Chueh’s compassionate vow, Chung Tai also spreads the Dharma in America for the benefit of all sentient beings, scattering the sweet Dharma dew of Chan teachings amongst the mind fields of all. Middle Land Chan Monastery (the Los Angeles branch of Chung Tai Chan Monastery), and Dharma supporters from all directions sincerely invite and welcome Venerable Jian Deng — the Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery — to come to Middle Land Chan Monastery to personally transmit the Three Refuges and Five Precepts and give a Dharma Talk on Monday, October 30th at 7 PM.

FREE event for the public, but space is limited. To RSVP, please call (909) 625-0187 or email us at middleland@ctzen.org.


Monday, October 30th 7:00–9:30 PM



Place Middleland Chan Monastery

1173 San Bernardino Avenue

Pomona,CA 91767