Chan Buddhism & Meditation Classes

To practice Buddhism is to learn from the Buddha, to emulate his purity of body, speech, and mind. When we have achieved the highest and most perfect standard in our cultivation, we will attain the Buddha’s compassion, wisdom, and samadhi power.

— Grand Master Wei Chueh

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Middle Land Chan Monastery offers weekly classes in the fundamentals of Zen Buddhism and meditation throughout the year. The classes and meditation sessions are given both in English and in Chinese.

There are Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Sutra Study classes. Some of the topics covered in the classes include: the history of Zen Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha such as “The Meaning of Zen,” “The Four Noble Truths,” “The Noble Eightfold Path,” “Six Paramitas/Perfections,” “Emptiness and the Middle Way,” and “The Principle of Causality.” 

In the meditation sessions, students are taught the different methods of meditation, namely breath counting, mindfulness of the breath, and middle way reality. The atmosphere is serene and conducive to quiet inner contemplation. Meditation needs expert guidance and discipline. The purpose of Zen meditation is to help us reach an understanding of the difficult problems in life and thereby gain true wisdom, clarity, and peace of mind. The way to achieve this is not by external analysis but by probing inward into our own minds.

The Schedule of Classes

Each class lasts two hours. During the first hour, students do sitting meditation and walking meditation. In the second hour students receive a lecture on Buddha’s teachings.

1. Level 1:Mindfulness & Fundamentals
  • 20 classes.
  • Prerequisite: No prerequisite. Beginners welcome!
  • The meditation portion of the class teaches breath-counting, mindfulness of the breath.
  • Lecture topics include Introduction to Buddhism and Chan(Zen), Karma and Causality, the Four Noble Truths, Three Refuges and Five Precepts.
2. Level 2:Compassion and Bodhisattva Practices
  • 20 classes.
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 Meditation Class.
  • The meditation portion builds on the previous methods and includes compassion contemplation.
  • The lecture topics include the Bodhisattva ideal, the six paramitas —the perfection of charity, morality, tolerance, diligence, meditation, and prajna wisdom.
3. Level 3:Chan Meditation & Advanced Buddhist Contemplation and Practices
  • 2 terms: Each term is 20 classes.
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1 & Level 2 Classes.
  • The meditation portion builds on the Level 1 & 2 methods and includes the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.
  • The lecture topics include the Ten Dharma Realms, Twelve Links of Interdependence, Four Foundations of Mindfulness, and will also studying important texts The Essence of Mahayana Practice and Sutra of the Eight Realizations of Great Beings.
4. Sutra Study: Chan Meditation & Sutra Study Series
  • Prerequisites: Completion of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Classes.
  • The meditation portion includes previous and additional meditation methods.
  • The topics are from selected Buddhist scriptures such as The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters, and The Sutra of Impermanence, etc.
5. Parent-Child Meditation Class
  • No Prerequisites
  • Kids’ meditation class welcomes all children in 1st through 5th grades. The curriculum includes meditation practice, Dharma talks, Buddhist/Chan stories, mind-developing activities, group discussions, and fun crafts. Through the class, kids learn to discover their inner wisdom, develop their potential, and nurture a positive and moral outlook on life. Parental participation is recommended.

We sincerely invite everyone to join our meditation classes, to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere here, and to find the meaning of life through meditation practice and Dharma education.

Experience Chan (Zen) !
Come and join us in the new Chan (Zen) Buddhism classes!!

  • Classes are taught by Dharma Master.
  • All classes are FREE. We welcome and are supported by your generous donations.
  • Dress code: Please wear comfortable, modest attire. Anti-skid socks are recommended. Optional meditation clothing may be obtained at the monastery.
Register or call (909)625-0187