Sweet Dew of Dharma

The aim of meditation is to achieve stillness, purity, clarity and awakening of mind.

Buddhism and Vegetarianism

The great compassionate mind is the Buddha’s Mind.

The Sutra of Forty-two Chapters

Having attained Buddhahood, the World Honored One reflected: To abandon desire and be immersed in stillness is the supreme Way.

The Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra

Thus I have heard. Once, the Buddha was staying in the Anathapindada’s Park at Jeta Grove in Shravasti, with a community of 1,250 bhiksus.

Sutra of the Eight Realizations of Great Beings

Day and night, at all times, Buddha’s disciples should mindfully recite and contemplate the eight realizations of Great Beings.

The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, while deeply immersed in prajna paramita, clearly perceived the empty nature of the five skandhas, and transcended all suffering.

Fundamental Concepts of Buddhism

anuttara-samyak-sambodhi 阿耨多羅三藐三菩提 Anuttara: unsurpassed. Samyak sambodhi: right and comprehensive understanding (complete enlightenment). Unsurpassed complete enlightenment is the state of a buddha. Arhat 阿羅漢 (Sanskrit). A Buddhist saint who has realized emptiness, having eradicated all afflictions. An arhat is no longer subject to death and rebirth. attachments 執著 To crave or desire anything, to cling to or despise anything, […]
Queen Mallika Upholding the Precepts, Not Accepting Fragrant Adornments

Queen Mallika Upholding the Precepts, Not Accepting Fragrant Adornments

During the time that Buddha was dwelling in Sravasti...
Breadth of Mind Wins Freedom

Breadth of Mind Wins Freedom

Long ago, Kulapati in his old age had two sons. Laid low by a chronic sickness...

From Bodhi Mind to Ultimate Enlightenment

If we can observe the pure precepts, awaken to the bodhi mind, and are replete with practice and principle, we are in accord with the way of the great bodhisattvas.

Gradual Cultivation and Sudden Enlightenment

It may seem that gradual cultivation and sudden enlightenment are very different methods, but in fact they are interrelated and even complementary practices.

Abide in the Mahayana Mind

Abiding in the Mahayana Mind helps the self; skillfully employing expedient means helps others. By using various expedient means we can teach and guide countless sentient beings to abide in the Mahayana Mind.