An upstanding, unblemished character is the greatest blessing. A purified mind has the highest wisdom. Using blessings and wisdom to live, work, and study, we will succeed in our careers, perfect our virtues, and complete our Buddhist path.
Grand Master Wei Chueh


Middle Land Chan Monastery
is opening in stages.

For now, the monastery is only open for certain periods of time, for the purposes of visitation and prayer.

Indoor meditation classes and ceremonies remain paused until further notice. We will also not be providing food or drinks inside the monastery for now. For the health and safety of all, we ask that you please:

1.Keep your mask on at all times.
2.Cooperate with the forehead temperature reading before going in.

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Thank you for your kind understanding.

We sincerely invite you to chant sutras daily and dedicate the pure merits to world peace.
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Dedication of Merits
Dedicate Merits from Your Practice
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“Viruses know no boundary, nor does loving kindness.”

Target:108,000 mins

Medicine Buddha Sutra
Target: 10,800 times

Diamond Sutra
Target:10,800 times

Heart Sutra
Target:108,000 times

Any Buddhist Mantras
Target:108,000 times

11/28/2022 9:00PM Updated

Dharma Gems

The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra Chanting (Audio Recording)

The Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

The Medicine Buddha Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

Dispelling Misfortunes and Blessing Mantra (PDF)

Medicine Buddha Initiation Mantra (PDF)


Dedication of Merits

May I remove the Three Obstructions and all afflictions.

May I have the wisdom to perceive the Truth.

May all beings be free of transgression and suffering.

I vow to practice the bodhisattva way, life after life.

May all sentient beings be free from diseases and calamities,
and all attain buddhahood.

Middle Land Chan Monastery