In order to attain liberation we must face and accept reality and work diligently towards improving our fate. How can we change our fate? First, harbor remorse for our offenses; Second, exercise patient forbearance; Third, practice virtue to dispel evil; Last, apply the Dharma principles to turn knowledge into wisdom.
Grand Master Wei Chueh


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We sincerely invite you to chant sutras daily and dedicate the pure merits to world peace.
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Dedication of Merits
Dedicate Merits from Your Practice
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“Viruses know no boundary, nor does loving kindness.”

Target:108,000 mins

Medicine Buddha Sutra
Target: 10,800 times

Diamond Sutra
Target:10,800 times

Heart Sutra
Target:108,000 times

Any Buddhist Mantras
Target:108,000 times

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Dharma Gems

The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

The Heart of Prajna Paramita Sutra Chanting (Audio Recording)

The Diamond of Perfect Wisdom Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

The Medicine Buddha Sutra (Buddhist e-Books)

Dispelling Misfortunes and Blessing Mantra (PDF)

Medicine Buddha Initiation Mantra (PDF)


Dedication of Merits

May I remove the Three Obstructions and all afflictions.

May I have the wisdom to perceive the Truth.

May all beings be free of transgression and suffering.

I vow to practice the bodhisattva way, life after life.

May all sentient beings be free from diseases and calamities,
and all attain buddhahood.

Middle Land Chan Monastery